Event Photos

Please feel free to bring your camera to the event, and if you want your event photos posted here, just e-mail them to info@greenupashland.org and you could see them here soon.

Photos from past events are shown below. Enjoy.

This year's event was captured by James F. Towne with JFT Photography
We are so happy that James was able to take time out of his schedule to come out and capture the community!
Be sure to visit his website to see his work.

This year's event was captured by Candice Wilson with CW Kids Photography
The committee is so grateful for her assistance in getting these picture events. Be sure to visit her website to see more of her work.

Most of this year's photos were shot by local photographer Deborah Grady. If you like her work, click here to check out her website.

In addition to the photos below, local Ashland photographer Robin Lazar from ShutterTime Photo took some 
really nice photos of the event and created a Green Up Ashland slide show, which includes photos from the 2015 event and from past events.

Below are photos taken by some of our other participants.
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