Getting involved

We need people to help us out in two different ways:

-To participate in the actual spring cleaning around town

-To volunteer in a support role

Sign-up to participate
If you want to participate in the town-wide spring cleaning, please click here to sign up.

Sign-up to volunteer

>Staffing the table(s) the day of the event either at Stone Park or at one of our

     satellite locations, setting up, breaking down, helping people check in.

>Placing lawn signs around town (e-mail us at to ask us for

     a lawn sign. You can see what the signs look like below.)

>Distributing flyers around town (our flyer is posted via link below. You can download it, print it,

     and post it almost anywhere - just be sure to get permission from business owners before

     you post the flyer in their window).>-Help with vendor set-up the day of the event

>Publicity and spreading the word!

>Anything else you think you can help us with.

Please click here to sign up to volunteer

Please click here for our flyer

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Lawn Signs
Above is a sample of our lawn sign. A limited number is available, so if you'd like to help us out and post one in your yard, please let us know.