Sign up to cleanup

Save time and sign up prior to the event. Fill in our online form below. Then print the waiver, fill it out on paper, and bring it with you when you come to check in and get your cleanup bags.

We are always looking for participants to cleanup the suggested areas below:
Your own street or neighborhood * Front Street * Stone Park * Ashland House Complex and Town Hall areas * Mill Pond Park * Bay Circuit trail area (from Concord Court to Myrtle Street) Raymond Marchetti Street * Pleasant Street (including Marathon Park) * Concord Street (including the area around Mindess School) * Wildwood Cemetary * Ponderosa Road * Eliot Street (including the area around the 4-H Center) * Eliot Street (toward Sherborn) * MBTA Acess Road * Gryncel Park * High Street * Pond Street (Route 126) between Eliot Street and the Framingham town line * anywhere along Route 135 * Cedar Street * Oak Street * Oregon Road * Fountain Street near the Reservoir * Cordaville Road * East Union Street near the High School (great place for High School volunteers) * Prospect Street * Winter Street * Myrtle Street to Concord Street * Main Street (across and passed Kidde-Fenwal on both sides) * Any other locations are suggested

If you prefer to volunteer with us in a support role (such as staffing a table during the event, or helping with publicity), please click here.
Please click here to download the liability waiver form.
Please print the form, fill it in, and bring it with you to the event.